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Purpose-DrIven Strategies for Profitable Growth

Maximize Your Business’s Potential: Experience Our Innovative Approach to Strategic Guidance and Purpose-Driven Insights. Partner with Our Expert Consultants Redefining Success in Business.

Business Coaching

Elevate your business with our expert Business Coaching services. From Business Benchmarking to Coaching365, we provide clarity for accelerated growth.

Growth Solutions

Fuel your business’ expansion with our comprehensive Growth Solutions. Whether it’s The Profit CRM or Digital Marketing Services, we have the tools for success.

Profit Strategies

Master the art of profitability. From our 5-Day Profit Challenge to the Laughlin Business Academy and Profit Acceleration Training, we’ll guide you to financial success.

See How Our Purpose-Driven Methods Transform Businesses Like Yours

Success Driven by Values and Data

At The Laughlin Method, we blend purpose with performance. Our dedication to universal ethical principles informs every business strategy we develop, guaranteeing not just success, but growth with purpose and integrity for all business owners.

Feeling Stuck in Your Business Journey?

You’re Not Alone. Discover How Many Have Found Their Way With Our Guidance.

  • Struggling with business growth? Find hope as The Laughlin Method turns your operational challenges into scalable success, leading to time and financial freedom.
  • Overwhelmed by decision-making paralysis? Discover clarity with our strategies that streamline decision processes, unlocking new growth avenues.
  • Burdened by operational inefficiencies? Embrace efficiency with our solutions that transform day-to-day tasks into streamlined operations, freeing up time for strategic thinking.
  • Facing inconsistency in growth and action? Achieve consistency with our approach that establishes clear, achievable goals and accountability, paving the way for steady progress.
  • Feeling stuck in excessive effort with suboptimal results? Experience smarter work as we guide you to focus on strategic efforts that catalyze exponential growth.

Real Stories. Real Transformations.

Hear directly from those who’ve walked the path with us.

I have been using this platform, The Profit CRM, (part of The Laughlin Method) for a few years now and I LOVE having everything I need all in one place.

Sahra M. White

Biblical Stewardship Coach

Craig and Jess have a genuine heart for nonprofits and a love to serve. They are always willing to go the extra mile in offering their expert assistance.

Chaplain Michael Batenburg

Executive Director, Back2Basics Outdoor Adventures

I have been working with Craig of The Laughlin Method for several years. He has been very patient in helping with all the details, and our results have been amazing!

Dave Haines

Owner, Blue Wave Pressure Wash & Paver Seal

Craig, the owner, is one of the most caring and thoughtful people that I’ve ever encountered. He’s helped me more times than I can count with my business.

Dr. Kenneth Clark

Owner, Purpose Physical Therapy

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems!

Unleash Success with The Laughlin Method – a powerful combination of tailored consulting, digital strategies, and technology integration for small businesses. Drive innovation and achieve unparalleled results with our expert guidance.


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At The Laughlin Method, we light the way to prosperity for small to mid-sized businesses, blending robust profitability with a compelling purpose-driven approach. Our foundation is built on universal principles of integrity and responsibility, and we welcome businesses of all backgrounds that align with our ethical standards. We apply our specialized expertise in consulting, digital marketing, and technology integrations to create clear and successful strategies for our clients. We stand as a beacon of integrity, strategic innovation, and strong values, diligently serving and empowering business owners to construct a legacy of success, personal fulfillment, and positive influence within their communities and beyond.

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